The Why of Coke & Pepsi

coke-or-pepsi-150x150I live in North Texas now, but was born and raised in Southern California. Up until the day I arrived in Dallas, ordering a Coke to soothe my thirst. Once I made the move, however, I found that I could not stand the taste! I had to say “goodbye.” New region. New market. New taste. A 26-year relationship had come to an abrupt conclusion.

Believe it or not, the soda you think you enjoy vastly changes from region to region. While the base recipes remain unchanged, the delivery is modified to suit individual markets. Drastic examples of this are found in radically different climate zones. The most common utilization of this change is the syrup. Take Maine and Texas summers for example. The average temperature for Maine in July is 72F-80F (depending on where you are. In Texas, you’re looking at higher 90s to lower 100s. Your cola manufacturers will increase the syrup levels in hotter regions to combat the melting ice in your beverage. This way your drink remains as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Remember this next you travel to a new climate. Try the Pepsi/Coke challenge and see if you still prefer your favourite cola in this new environment. Maybe go for a something indigenous to the region!

Have you noticed these changes? Tell me about your experiences. Did you like the change?

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