The Day I Mac Rolled the World

I love a funny internet photo just as much as the next fella.  So when my friend Irma posted this picture, I found myself el-oh-elling.  It isn’t terribly uncommon for someone to type “LOL” when they just make a mental “ha” or a slight audible chuckle.  This picture actually had me laughing out loud.  The sudden outburst jarred Champ (my seven-year-old Boston terrier) from his bun toasting session in front of the living room furnace and he came barreling into my room.

“HEY!” he sneezed.  ”Is everything alright?!  Do I need to eat something?”

Then it hit me.  I could not resist!  I picked up the fuzzy loaf, held him to my ear, and snapped the most amazingselfie (I hate that word) I will probably ever snap.  I immediately posted it to Twitter.  As with most of my tweets this was a fire-and-forget operation.  I puttered around a bit and went to a meeting.  About the time it started, my phone started going nuts.  I am the kind of guy who puts his phone on vibrate when in a meeting, but this time it was insufficient.  That dang Samsung POS was buzzing harder than a kid with a fork stuck in an electric hornet nest!  I had to actually turn it off.

After the meeting, I saw that a bunch of people had faved and retweeted the post.  I let it run its course and went on with my evening – played some Minecraft, rough housed with my dog, shamed the cat, and had a battle of wits with my roommate.  I think I lost.  When I woke up this morning I saw that I had 200 new followers and the initial tweet had over 350 retweets and almost 200 faves.  It has spawned all sorts of replies and retweets and faves of those replies and WHEW!  I lost count.  The day was made when my ex-wife texted to inform me that I had made it into an article over at The Guardian.  Just… wow.  HAHA

“Congrats on making it into an article with Rob Delaney and Sir Pat.  That was certainly a surprise as I was scrolling through my newsfeed this morning.  I scrolled down: “Ha ha, Robe Delaney!  ”HA HA, Sir Pat!  Ha ha… Wait – Michael Moreno??  Shit, don’t let this picture be of him, don’t let this picture be of – [EXPLETIVE DELETE].”

We shared a few laughs and a couple of back-and-forths.  I think the best reaction is her faincé’s remark “I got Mac Rolled!”  This has definitely been a conversation starter for the day.  The whole experience was unexpected and rejuvenating.  I like to think Champ made the whole thing possible.  The has the most awkward personality and the expressions he makes are priceless.  Thank you, Twitter, for making my day!

I leave you now with a cute otter.

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